Defined by our origin

We owe who we are to the place we come from, to our farmers, to our people, to our land, to our animals. All this is part of our character, and that is why we have claimed our origin as a principle.

Demanding by nature

Certifications are important to us; they show a commitment to quality that ensures all our processes are carefully controlled in order to offer maximum guarantees. We are demanding by nature.

Sheepmeat and goatmeat

Since the very beginning we have been experts in the production and processing of sheepmeat and goatmeat. On this basis we have grown and evolved, focusing on new presentations, new cuts, and always striving to offer our customers value through innovation and quality.

We never rush; instead, we enjoy the journey. Doing things well, slowly, just as they have always been done, respecting the natural rhythm of things in a responsible and sustainable way.


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