A shared project

A shared project

Coviher began as a shared project in 2003, set up by a group of people with strong ties to the rural environment and long-term experience within the sheep and goat sector in Andalusia. Since its foundation Coviher has been, and continues to be, a company with a clear mission that motivates everything it does: to establish Andalusian livestock as an engine of economic, social and environmental development within the region.

Using this idea as a guide and remaining constantly aware of our origins, we have grown and expanded our scope of action to become a company that works with local producers but operates on a global scale. At the same time, we never forget our commitment to quality, food safety, animal welfare, the environment and tradition.

From a small group of just over 8 people we have developed a team of more than 150 people and a full range of facilities that include our own slaughterhouse and quartering and processing room. Our goal has always been to evolve in such a way that makes our products more accessible under the best possible conditions.

We look after our past, because that is who we are


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